Financial support

ANU offers a number of bursaries and scholarships to provide support with the University accommodation costs.

Bursaries and accommodation scholarships

The following bursaries and scholarships contribute specifically towards accommodation costs. There are many more scholarships and other financial support options providing support for living costs, tuition fees and other expenses.

Title Value Application deadline
ANU Equity Accommodation Scholarship » $5,000 per annum
ANU Language Acquisition PhD Scholarship » $27,596 per annum 2019 amount indexed in alignment with the maximum value for AGRTP scholarships as advised by the Department of Education. 9 Nov 2018
ANU Region Scholarship » $6,500 per annum 30 Nov 2017
ANU Sport and Recreation Association Scholarship » $5,000 per annum Payments made for up to 5 years 23 Nov 2018
ASEAN-Australia Health Security Fellowship » $18,000 - $36,000 per annum. Full tuition, stipend and other benefits as specified in the conditions of award. The stipend, and overall value of the scholarship will depend on country of field placement. Up to 7 on Offer
Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences Relocation Grant » $1,000 per annum Up to 10 on offer 28 Feb 2019
Brian Gray Scholarship » $15,000 per annum
Bursary for students with a disability » Variable 10 Aug 2018
C.A.S Hawker Scholarship » Up to $60,000 over three years 4 Jan 2019
Dean’s International Science Excellence Scholarship  » $5,000 per annum
Emergency Postgraduate Accommodation Bursary » Variable
Emergency Undergraduate Accommodation Bursary » Variable
Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships for Study at Harvard University » Knox Fellowships include tuition and health insurance fees plus a stipend of at least $30,000
Frohlich World Bank Scholarship with the Integrity Vice-Presidency » $25,000 per annum 27 Mar 2019
Garrurru Undergraduate Indigenous Scholarship » $15,000 per annum the funds can be used for any number of study support purposes, for example; accommodation, textbooks, transport, childcare, course fees or other costs associated with undertaking their course or program of study 14 Jan 2018
Health Workforce Scholarship Program » Up to $10,000 per year for up to two years 22 Dec 2017
Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship » $7,500 per annum $5,355 per annum - Pre 2017 rate
John XXIII College Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Equity Scholarships » Full accommodation costs 25 Nov 2016
Johnstone Family Scholarship » $5,000 per annum 31 May 2019
Leslie Zines Constitutional Law Scholarship » $15,000 per annum 7 Apr 2019
Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship » $5,950 per annum
Natasha Linard Scholarship for Women in Engineering & Technology  » $5,000 16 Dec 2018
National Merit Scholarship » $6,500 per annum
Northrop Grumman, ViaSat & Optus Country Scholarship for Burgmann College » $10,500 per annum Scholarship funds to assist with the costs of accommodation at Burgmann College. Payments will be made directly to the College.
Postgraduate Accommodation Bursary » Variable 10 Aug 2018
Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics Introduction to Actuarial Science Merit Scholarship  » $10,000 per annum 7 Jan 2019
Robert O'Neill Scholarship » $5000 stipend + airfares + tuition fees for the 24 unit Strategic Studies Internship
RSSS Director’s Award for Higher Degree Research » $20,000 per annum The amount will not exceed 75% of the Australian Postgraduate Award, so the amount will vary based on the value of the APA.
Ruth Daroesman Graduate Study Grant » $4,000 variable 15 Mar 2019
Science PhB(Hons) Relocation Scholarship » $6,500 per annum
St Mary’s College Hobart Undergraduate Scholarship » $5,000 per annum
Summer Research Scholarship » Full board, travel and stipend 31 Aug 2018
Sydney Speaks Master's Thesis award » $4,000 per annum 12 Aug 2018
The Bendigo & Adelaide Bank 2019 Scholarship » $5,000 per annum Option to renew scholarship for second year may be considered, subject to academic performance 29 Jan 2019
The College of Arts and Social Sciences Academic Excellence Masters Scholarship  » $10,000 per annum 2 Jan 2019
Undergraduate Accommodation Bursary » Variable 10 Aug 2018
Yuill Scholarship to Support the International Court of Justice Judicial Fellows Programme » $25,000 per annum 28 Jan 2019