ANU offers a broad range of accommodation choices for students, within a diverse and vibrant community.

Second Semester applications

Applications for second semester are now open.

Student residences

Residence Catering
Bruce Hall » Catered
Bruce Hall Packard Wing » Semi-catered
Burgmann College » Catered
Burgmann College Postgraduate Village » Self-catered
Burton & Garran Hall » Self-catered
Davey Lodge » Self-catered
Fenner Hall » Self-catered
Graduate House » Self-catered
John XXIII College » Catered
Kinloch Lodge » Self-catered
Lena Karmel Lodge » Self-catered
Toad Hall » Self-catered
Ursula Hall » Catered
Ursula Hall Laurus Wing » Semi-catered
Warrumbul Lodge » Self-catered

ANU Apartments »

ANU Apartments provide a range of accommodation to assist visitors and new arrivals to ANU, whether your just visiting or relocating and require staging accommodation. Ranging from short stay to...

Summer accommodation

During the school year the majority of the student residences are full with long-term residents and cannot offer short term accommodation, but over summer (i.e. late November through to early February) those listed below offer accommodation on a casual basis.

Bookings are made through the individual residences so use the links above for information about availability and rates.