Defer or decline your domestic undergraduate offer

If you want to delay the commencement of your studies, you can apply to defer your offer. This means we will hold your offer until a later semester.

You can apply to defer your offer for one year and in some cases six months. Conditions and restrictions apply.


You can defer your enrolment if you meet the following conditions.

  • You apply to defer on or before the census date for the relevant semester. Note that it's preferable to apply for deferment before your commencement semester begins. If you wish to defer until semester two, there may be restrictions on what courses you can take in.
  • You have a valid reason for wishing to defer, including wanting to take a break between school and university, needing to work before commencing study, or health reasons.
  • You do not undertake any other study while deferred. This is because ANU considers the full academic record of its applicants. Therefore, if you undertake additional study while deferred we would need to reassess your qualifications against any new entrance requirements. Exceptions to this restriction include undertaking an exchange year in a secondary school and undertaking TAFE / AQF studies at Certificate level. Your deferment will lapse if you undertake tertiary studies above Certificate level.

How to defer

To defer your offer please logon to Decide ANU and follow the prompts to defer.

Please follow the instructions on the final page of the online form about keeping a copy of that page. It will be your only record of lodging an application.

You will not receive an immediate decision, nor will you be able to check the progress of your application. You will be contacted once a decision has been made.

If your deferment is refused, and you still wish to study at ANU, you will be required to re-apply for admission for the following semester or year and meet the entry requirements relevant at that time.

How to decline

To decline your offer, simply logon to Decide ANU and follow the prompts to decline.