Undergraduate International - Accept

All offers are sent by email, so it is important that you provide an active email address that you check frequently. If you applied using an authorised Education Agent, your agent will receive your offer.

Acceptance Deadlines

First Semester 2019

The acceptance deadline for all but the following programs has passed. If you were not able to meet all conditions and accept by 25 November 2018, you are welcome to submit a new application for a later intake.

Exceptions to 25 November deadline

If you are a current ANU or ANU College student, or you are currently studying at another institution as part of an official partnership with ANU, or you have applied for a program listed below, the deadline for accepting your offer is indicated on your offer letter. This deadline may be given as a timeframe (e.g. within two weeks) or a specified date (e.g. 15 January 2019).

  • Any one-year-long Honours program
  • Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts

Second Semester 2019

The deadline for accepting your offer is indicated on your offer letter. This deadline may be given as a timeframe (e.g. within two weeks). It is very important that you accept as soon as possible as places are strictly limited. Because of these strict limits, accepting by the deadline does not guarantee you a place in the offered program and you are encouraged to accept as soon as possible to secure a place.

How to Accept

Step 1
Check Conditions

Before you accept, check your offer letter to make sure you meet any remaining conditions. Please contact ANU Admissions if you have any questions about the conditions of your offer.

Step 2
Submit your acceptance forms

Direct Applicants

Please complete the Acceptance & Payment Advice form attached to your offer letter, and email the completed form to acceptance@anu.edu.au

Alternatively, you can send a copy of your Acceptance & Payment Advice form to the mailing address indicated on your offer letter. Please be aware that this must be received by the acceptance deadline.

UAC International Applicants

If you applied through the Universities Admissions Centre, you will need to complete the Acceptance and Payment Advice form.

Step 3
Pay your deposit

Please ensure you submit your tuition fee deposit when you accept your offer. If you submitted your payment online, please provide evidence of your payment (e.g. a copy of your Western Union confirmation message) to ensure that there are no delays in identifying your payment.