There are a number of scholarships available to current ANU students to help with the cost of your studies. Donors and benefactors, external organisations and the Australian Government fund many of the scholarships we offer.

Additional advice & procedures

Advice & procedures

In addition to scholarships offered by ANU, there are funding support opportunities offered by the Australian and overseas governments, and other industry partners and affiliates, that you can take advantage of.

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Name Value Duration Application deadline
One off payment of $1000 13 Oct 2017
100% tuition Program duration 1 Feb 2018
50% tuition 1 year(s) 17 Nov 2017
$10,000 12 Jan 2018
$5000 in the first year followed by 10 per cent discount of tuition fees for years of study thereafter. Program duration 18 May 2018
50% domestic fee tuition waiver Program duration
50% of international student fee Program duration 17 Nov 2017
Up to 33% of the full-time Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) Stipend Scholarship amount 1 year(s) 2 Mar 2018
$10,000 per annum 1 year(s)
25% of international student fee Program duration
% of the student tuition fee for the duration of the Master of Business Administration or the Master of Business Administration (Advanced) programs. Program duration
$10,000 per annum Program duration