Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship


Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships assist full-time Indigenous Australian students from rural and regional and low income backgrounds with financial support associated with their study in an undergraduate degree program for up to four years. There are two types of Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships: Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship and the Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship. Click on the links for information pertaining to the other scholarships listed.

Field of study



Applicants must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • be an Australian Indigenous Student
  • be enrolled or enrolling in an undergraduate degree as a full-time on campus student
  • have lived in a regional or remote area of Australia for a total of at least three years or has completed the final two years of schooling in a high school or college in a regional or remote area or it was necessary to live away from home from a regional or remote home to complete the whole or majority of secondary schooling at a high school or college in a major city or has lived in a regional or remote area of Australia for a total of at least two years, and relocated from the regional or remote area of Australia to undertake vocational education and training (eg TAFE) for a maximum of two years duration immediately preceding the commencement of undergraduate studies
  • it is/was necessary to move from the regional or remote area in order to undertake an undergraduate program and as a result will incur additional accommodation costs
  • meet the low socio-economic status requirements by either being in receipt of a means-tested Commonwealth income support payment (such as Abstudy, Austudy, Youth Allowance, etc) or on the basis of assessment conducted by the University. Assessment is based on a range of disadvantage factors which may limit a student's ability to access higher education. Such factors may include: geographical isolation, stability of financial status as well as family circumstances, such as illness or bereavement, which may affect the level of family financial support
  • not have already completed the requirements of any equivalent course of study
  • not have previously received a Commonwealth Scholarship.