Christel Larko Music Scholarship


The Christel Larko Music Scholarships are funded by a bequest to the Friends of the ANU School of Music.  The Scholarship will be awarded to outstanding students studying voice or piano in a program offered by the ANU School of Music.

Field of study

Piano or Voice at the ANU School of Music


The Scholarship will be available to students who are:

  • domestic or international
  • enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program
  • studying voice or piano in a program offered by the ANU School of Music
  • enrolled full-time

Selection basis

The scholarships will be awarded to students who, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, are deemed to display an outstanding level of music ability and accomplishment in either piano or voice.


The Scholarship is valued at up to $12,000 per annum.  If the selection committee deems that there is more than 1 deserving candidate, the award may be shared.

How to apply

No application required as all eligible undergraduate and postgraduate students will be automatically considered.

Further information

The intention is to alternate the award of the Scholarships between students studying voice and piano.  However if, in any one year there is no suitable student in the designated area for that year, then the scholarship may be awarded to voice or piano in consecutive years.