Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics WISE Pre-Master Training Program Scholarship


Each year the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics ('RSFAS') within the ANU College of Business and Economics ('the College'), may offer 1 per 4 students who enrol in the Master of Finance, Master of Applied Finance, Master of Actuarial Studies, Master of Actuarial Practice and Master of Statistics via the WISE Pre-Master Training Program with Xiamen University, with the an award known as the RSFAS Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE) Pre-Master Training Program Scholarship ('the award').

The objective of the award is to continue the long standing partnership and successful pre-masters agreement between WISE and ANU. The award acknowledges the ongoing commitment to this partnership and aims to meet the RSFAS goal of attracting high quality students.

Field of study

Finance; Applied Finance; Actuarial Studies; Actuarial Practice; Statistics


The award is available each year to a prospective ANU student who:

  1. is an international student
  2. is enrolled in, or granted entry into one of the following programs:

Master of Finance (4 semesters), Master of Actuarial Studies (4 semesters), Master of Statistics (4 semesters), Master of Applied Finance (3 semesters), Master of Actuarial Practice (5 semesters) via the WISE Pre-Master Training Program with Xiamen University


The award will cover 25% of the recipient's ANU International Student Fees (ISF) for the normal full-time duration of the Master degree in which the recipient is enrolled.

The award will be applied to the recipient's ISF each semester, unless otherwise stated in the letter of offer.   

The recipient is responsible for making payment of the balance of their tuition and any administrative fees by the prescribed date as set out by the University each session.  Recipients of this award are responsible for the costs of books, study materials, accommodation and all other costs of study.

How to apply

Applications are automatically considered

Further information

For further information please contact: