John XXIII College Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Equity Scholarships


The John XXIII College Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Equity Scholarship Programme co-partners the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre and the Yalari Foundation in improving access to higher education for Indigenous Australian students who choose to study at the ANU and satisfy those criteria noted below. In academic year 2017, the Programme will offer up to four Indigenous Equity Scholarships, and there will be up to four scholarship recipients at the College in any one calendar year.

The scholarships are targeted at younger indigenous scholars who might have limited access to work opportunities in their places of origin and be unable to meet the costs attached to university accommodation but who would benefit from interaction with their peer group in a supportive College environment


Prospective John XXIII College residents of Indigenous descent who accept or have accepted an offer of a program of study at the Australian National University (ANU) are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Scholarship recipients must reside at John XXIII College whilst receiving the scholarship and be entering either their first or second year of study in a program of study at the ANU.

Applicants must be 20 years of age or younger when they apply and must not have been enrolled at the ANU between 2010 and 2013.

Applicants must demonstrate eligibility by providing a Confirmation of Aboriginality or similar support letter from a recognised Aboriginal or Torres Strait Organisation.

It is no impediment to application if an applicant has not as yet received an offer of study from the ANU. However, acceptance into the scholarship Programme is dependent on him/her later achieving such an offer.


The scholarships are full remissions of the Accommodation and Catering Fees payable on a Standard Room for residence at John XXIII College for academic year 2017. Based on a 2017 Standard Room, a full resident's yearly tariff is valued at $15,990.

How to apply

To apply for this scholarship, applicants must provide the following:

  1. UAC documentation demonstrating application to ANU programs of study;
  2. Evidence of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island descent noted at "Eligibility" above;
  3. Academic transcripts from Year 12 studies and/or University studies;
  4. A one page A4 typed statement outlining academic aspirations;
  5. Three phone referees, with one of those referees being the Applicant's former secondary school principal

Short-listed candidates will be required to take part in a phone interview with the Head of John XXIII College or his/her delegate.

Applications by COB 25 November 2016 addressed to:

Mr Geoff Johnston
Head of College
John XXIII College
PO Box 417
Canberra ACT 2601


Ms Anne Martin
Director, Tjabal Centre
Melville Hall, Building 12
Australian National University
Acton ACT 2601