Services & amenities fee

On 11 October 2011, the Australian Parliament passed legislation allowing universities and other higher education providers to charge a fee for student services and amenities of a non-academic nature. This fee is known as the student services and amenities fee (SSAF).

The fee may be spent by higher education providers on items such as sporting and recreational activities, employment and career advice, childcare, financial advice and food services from 2012.

All student cohorts must pay the SSAF, though in some instances a government funded loan scheme, called SA-HELP, will be available, enabling eligible students to defer payment. Students paying the SA fee up-front must pay by the standard tuition fee payment deadlines.

For the purposes of the services and amenities fee, the academic year is divided into two halves.

  • First half of the year includes summer session, first semester and autumn session.
  • Second half of the year includes winter session, second semester and Spring session.


The following student groups are exempt from paying the SSAF:

  • Students enrolled in transnational offshore programs;
  • inbound exchange students;
  • higher degree research students who submit within January for first semester and July for second semester;
  • higher degree research students who are on an extension of program after completing four years and are offshore;
  • all cross-institutional inbound students;
  • students enrolled the Bachelor of Studies with concurrent full-time enrolment at a secondary school or secondary college;
  • students enrolled in ANU courses through Open Universities Australia (OUA).

Students enrolled in following programs are exempt from paying the SSAF:

  • 5132  Graduate Non-award Legal Workshop
  • 6303  Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • 6312  Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • 6353  Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice
  • 7835  Master of Environmental Management and Development  - Online
  • 6826  Graduate Diploma in Military Studies
  • 6827  Graduate Certificate in Military Studies
  • 6828  Graduate Diploma in Military and Defence Studies
  • 6829  Graduate Certificate in Military and Defence Studies
  • 7826  Master of Arts (Military Studies)
  • 7827  Master of Military Studies
  • 7828  Master of Military and Defence Studies (Advanced)
  • 7829  Master of Military and Defence Studies
  •            Bachelor of Studies


The SSAF amount students are required to pay depends on their study load.

  • Full-time is equal to 18 units or greater in a half-year period.
  • Part-time is equal to less than 18 units in a half-year period.

2018 fee

  • $298 for full-time students
  • $149.00 for part-time students

Example scenario 1

If Mary enrols in 24 units in first semester 2018 she will be required to pay $149.00. If she then enrols in 24 units in second semester she will be required to pay another $149.00. This totals $298.00 for the year.

Example scenario 2

If Mary enrols in 6 units in summer session 2018 she would be required to pay $74.50 because she is part-time. If she then enrolled in 18 units in first semester 2018 Mary would be required to pay another $74.50 making a total of $149.00 for summer session and semester one combined because she is now full-time.

Example scenario 3

If Mary was to enrol in 6 units in summer session 2018 she would be required to pay $74.50. If she then enrolled in 6 units in first semester 2018 Mary would still be part-time so she wouldn't be required to pay anything further. However, if Mary was to then enrol in autumn session in 6 units she would then be required to pay another $74.50 because she would now be considered to be full-time.

Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF) - Proposed 2018 Allocations

All students are invited to comment on proposed allocations of SSAF funds for 2018, shown in the table below.  The allocations are shown by student association and by allowable expenditure category, as prescribed by Commonwealth legislation.  The University uses SSAF to provide student services in eligible categories, or can contract third parties to do so. (

Approximately $5.6m in SSAF Funds are available for allocation in 2018.

An amount of $350,000 has been set aside for capital works projects, with projects to be considered in the first half of 2018.

The University has not allocated SSAF funds to enable alcoholic beverages to be supplied free of charge or subsidised in any way.

Funding to ANU Observer is subject to ANU Observer's articles of association being approved by the University Council.  All student associations in receipt of SSAF funds must have governance structures which enable them to comply with the terms of a funding contract between the University and the association.  For further information on the University's governance and contractual requirements please email

Comments on the proposed budget should be received by close of business, Friday 1 December 2017 and can be sent to

Further information on the budgets of the student associations can be found at the following websites:



Student Media: 

ANU Observer:

ANU Sport:

The funds provided to the Division of Student Life will provide the following:

  • A non-residential collegiate coordinator;
  • International Organisations Day - global careers;
  • A coordinator of clinical traineesin the Counselling Centre;
  • Learning Communities;
  • Let's speak English: developing English skillsthat contribute to academic success, orientation, welfare and employability;
  • Mental Health early intervention and prevention;
  • Online employability skills;
  • Orientation programs for new students; and
  • Promoting undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students' research culture.

Service/amenity category




ANU Sport ($)

Division of Student  Life ($)

ANU Observer

SEEF ($)

GAC  ($) Capital works ($)

Total ($)

Providing food or drink to students   94,619 98,385       76,609           269,613
Supporting a sporting or recreational activity 160,862 103,372   624,061   13,444           901,739
Supporting the administration of a club whose members are students 357,152 905,580       35,194         1,297,926
Caring for the children of students     3,333     8,679                   12,012
Providing Legal services to students   28,749        445                   29,194
Promoting the health or welfare of students 171,364    64,802     187,594           423,760
Helping students secure accommodation   99,307      2,861                 102,168
Helping students obtain employment or advice on careers 120,469    10,594       46,611           177,674
Helping students with their financial affairs   88,853      8,443                   97,296
Helping students obtain insurance against personal accidents   23,909                     23,909
Supporting debating by students   27,368           13,444             40,812
Providing libraries and reading rooms for students   16,250       1,400                   17,650
Supporting an artistic activity by students   71,185       7,300        35,194           113,679
Supporting the production and dissemination to students of media whose content is provided by students 102,377     39,667 179,682      21,750 32,000         375,476
Helping students develop skills for study, by means other than undertaking courses of study in which they are enrolled  135,555    102,566        53,192           291,313
Advising on matters arising under the higher education provider's rules    92,680      41,525                  134,205
Advocating students' interests in matters arising under the higher education providers' rules    94,413      41,526                 135,939
Giving students information to help them in their orientation    150,947      31,094        29,444            211,485
Helping meet the specific needs of overseas students relating to their welfare, accommodation and employment    158,531      53,245      129,717           341,493
              250,000     0*  350,000   800,000
Total 2018 allocation 1,997,923 1,521,484 179,682 624,061  642,193  32,000 250,000     0 350,000 5,597,343

* ANUSA budget includes $175,000 for Clubs Funding (a new system for GAC)