2018 Timetable Quarantine Periods

Venue Hire are now able to make a limited number of bookings in the large lecture theatres for 2018.   These bookings are mainly for conferences that fall outside the teaching periods.    

Please note that there is no change to the usual quarantine procedures.     

The Timetable team are in the process of generating the 2018 teaching timetable which is due to be published around the middle of December 2017.   The Timetable team will then be making adjustments to the timetable as changes are requested and as course enrolments firm up in the weeks running up to, and into, Semester 1, 2018.

To assist you please see the attached PDF document, 2018 Timetable Quarantine Periods, which is a helpful reference guide as to when and what types of bookings can be made during the timetable quarantine period.