2018 - CBE Tutorial Room Outage, 1st and 2nd March

CBE Bld TR7 and TR8 have been taken out of service until further notice, as of Friday, 2nd March 2018.

Classes scheduled for Friday, 2nd March <Week 9 - calendar week> have been relocated as follows:

  • CBE Bld TR7 classes moved to Hanna Neumann Innovation Hub (ground floor),
  • CBE Bld TR8 classes moved to the Mezzanine level of CBE.

The timetable has been updated to reflect this change.

Arrangements from Week 10 onwards will be updated as soon as possible.

Classes affected by the CBE power outage on the evening of Thursday, 1st March may have make up classes scheduled. Please check for notifications of these classes (via Wattle, etc).

Please check, and re-check, the timetable website to confirm the location of your classes.