Student cards

The way you collect, replace or renew your student card will vary depending on your circumstances. Start the Student Card Wizard to find out the quickest way you can get your student card.

New students in 2019 should register for a Student Card Collection session during O Week and Week 1 to receive their first student card. 

What does my student card do?

Your ANU student card can be used for the following purposes:

  • borrowing rights for ANU Libraries;
  • access to printers and copiers in Information Commons locations;
  • access to computer labs and other buildings on campus;
  • access to examination venues, and;
  • student discounts at participating locations (ACT public transport, movie theatres, etc.).


  • Your ANU student card is your official form of identification while on campus and must be presented upon request by ANU staff and security officers.
  • Your student card remains the property of ANU. You are expected to keep your card in good condition, and return it to ANU if requested.
  • Your student card is not transferrable. Only the individual named on the card is permitted to use services. 
  • You may only have one student card. Expired cards can be replaced at ANU Student Central.
  • A replacement fee of $30 will be charged if your student card is damaged, broken or lost. This fee will be waived upon presentation of a police report documenting the theft. Payments are made through your ISIS account by selecting: [Main Menu (compass in top-right corner of screen) > Navigator > ISIS > Account Details > Miscellaneous Purchases]
  • You can select to have a preferred name printed on your student card upon collection. No reasoning or documentation for the change needs to be provided. Your preferred name will be reflected on your card, and your legal name will be used in all other instances (on official documents provided by the University, e.g. your Academic Transcript). Please visit the Change of Name webpage for information on changing your legal name. 


Step 1
Enrol in courses

You must have completed the enrolment process before you can request a student card. Please refer to the resources below for assistance with the enrolment process. 

Step 2
What you will need

To order your student card for processing, please complete the following steps:

  1. Take a colour photo of yourself. Your photo must satisfy the following criteria:

    • in focus;
    • taken in front of a plain white or light-grey background;
    • taken with appropriate brightness and contrast to show natural skin tone;
    • taken in uniform lighting with no shadows obscuring your face;
    • your face is looking directly at the camera and not tilted in any direction; and,
    • your eyes are open.

      Head coverings, jewellery and glasses, if normally worn, can be included in your photo provided your face remains visible. 

      If your photo is deemed to be of an unacceptable quality, you will be asked to supply a new photo. The preferred file type for photos is JPEG.
  2. Take a colour photo of an item of government-issued identification, such as a driver's licence, passport or a similar document.

    We will use this to confirm your identity. The photo you provide must resemble your likeness shown on your government-issued identification.

  3. Email.

Email all attachments to for processing. All requests must be received from your ANU email account. Please make the subject line of your email: Student Card.

To collect your student card in person, please ensure you have booked an appointment via our ANU Student Card Collection booking system. Please note: if you do not book an appointment, your student card will not be available for collection.  

Your student card will be processed prior to your appointment time, and will be available for collection at the Di Riddell Student Centre on the day of your appointment.  

To request your student card be posted to your nominated mailing address, please follow the steps outlined above, and email all attachments to with the subject line: Student Card and include your address details. All requests must be received from your ANU email account.


Step 3
Book a collection appointment

From Monday 11 February 2019, student card collection will be by appointment only, every Wednesday at Student Central's new location on Level 1 of the Di Riddell Student Centre in Kambri. Student cards will no longer be processed on the spot, and all orders can be made via the Student Card Wizard.

Appointments to collect student cards will close at midnight on the Monday prior to each Wednesday collection slot. To book an appointment to collect your student card, please visit our Eventbrite booking page.