Add a course

Most variations to your enrolment can be made using ISIS. If you are a new student please reference the ANU student system guide provided on this page.

If you are unable to use ISIS to add a course then you will need to see your ANU College for assistance.


You are normally only permitted to enrol in a maximum of 24 units per semester or session.

If you are already enrolled in 24 units, and you want to add another course, you will need to drop a course first or use the swap option in ISIS. If you want to take more than 24 units you will need to seek permission from the ANU College that delivers your program by completing the Application for overload of enrolment.

Research students should discuss their coursework requirements before varying their course enrolment.


The addition of courses will normally only be permitted up to the end of the second week of each semester. Deadlines vary for non-standard sessions (summer, autumn, winter and spring).

Additions after the deadline may be permitted with permission from the Course Authority and Delegated Authority. Late applications must be submitted using an Application for enrolment change.

No courses will be added after the relevant semester or course census date.