Expected academic performance for postgraduate coursework students

All ANU students are required to meet satisfactory academic progress. This means that they must meet the minimum academic performance requirements as established by the University. What constitutes satisfactory academic progress depends on the level of the program or, in some circumstances, requirements specific to an individual program.

The University requires all graduate students in award (degree and diploma) programs to maintain satisfactory progress in their programs. Satisfactory progress is outlined in the Academic Progress rules. A summary is provided below.

General academic progress rule

To maintain satisfactory progress, graduate coursework students must pass 50 percent or more of the unit value of the courses in which they are enrolled for a semester. Semester 1 includes Summer and Autumn sessions, Semester 2 includes Winter and Spring sessions.

First breach

On the first occasion that your progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory you will receive a formal warning. You will be reminded of the academic and professional assistance available at ANU.

Second breach

If your progress is deemed unsatisfactory for a second time, you will be considered for exclusion from the University. If you wish to appeal this exclusion you must submit an application to 'show cause' as to why you should be permitted to continue your studies at the University. In this event you will be contacted by the Examinations and Graduations Office by email and registered post.

When submitting a 'show cause' application, you are required to complete and submit the Response to show cause cover sheet.

Repeated failure in a course

The Academic Progress rules state that if you fail a course twice you will not be permitted to re-enrol in the course a third time, except with the approval of the relevant Delegated Authority. Should the Delegated Authority not approve your request for re-enrolment in the course, you can make a further appeal to the ANU College Dean.

In accordance with the ESOS Act, international students on student visas will not normally be permitted to repeat a course more than once. Students wishing to do so must consult with the Academic Standards & Quality Office.

Not completed/Fail results

The University encourages students to recognise and address difficulties with study early enough to avoid receiving Not completed/Fail (NCN) result. Students who are having difficulties with their studies should seek academic advice as soon as possible.