General workshops

The Academic Skills and Learning Cente offers general workshops for research students. The workshops are relevant to a wide cross section of students. Disciplinary differences are discussed in the workshop.

Kick start your PhD 

Are you new to research and not quite sure how to manage the PhD? Do you want to make a strong start? Come to this workshop and equip yourself to survive the journey!

It's a marathon, not a sprint, and you need many tools to get you through in one piece. We'll give you the essentials to sustain motivation, deal with the challenges ahead and harness the opportunities you're given. The tools and ideas in this workshop will help you to manage key relationships, including the supervisory kind; to understand and break down your project; to stay on top of the literature; to self-reflect and improve as you go; to be productive in your reading and writing; and to connect with others and develop a circle of support.

Take control of your research and set youself off on the path to success.


  • Friday 8th September, 10am - 12pm, ASLC Teaching space, John Yencken Building 45
  • Tuesday 3rd October, 10am - 12pm, ASLC Teaching space, John Yencken Building 45