General workshops

The Academic Skills and Learning Cente offers general workshops for research students, not specifically embedded in their discipline. Because they are general in nature, the cover areas that are likely to be of interest to a wide cross section of students. Disciplinary differences are discussed in the workshop.

Research project management

How do you go about successfully managing a large research project from start to finish over a number of years? This workshop is ideal for research students at the start of their program although those further into their studies are welcome to attend. The 2-hour workshop takes a holistic approach to time, information and project management covering the following topic areas:

  • Project management - prioritising, setting goals and making the most of the time you have.
  • Reading and research strategies - reading smarter and more efficiently to extract the key information that you need and ensuring breadth and depth of research.
  • Information management tools and strategies - learn about the available strategies and tools you can utilise to better manage the research and aid in critical engagement with the literature.
  • Literature reviews - organising and categorising the research material for use in your thesis chapters.


  • Tuesday 14th March, 10am - 12pm, ASLC Teaching space, John Yencken Building 45
  • Wednesday 12th April, 3pm - 5pm, ASLC Teaching space, John Yencken Building 45
  • Thursday 11th May, 11am - 1pm, ASLC Teaching space, John Yencken Building 45