Drop ins

Drop-ins are for short queries and are held every day from 11-1pm on Level 2 in the Chifley Library. You do not need to book, simply come along and spend 10-15 minutes with a learning adviser. 

Typical issues we can discuss

  • Referencing questions
  • Analysing an assignment question.
  • Understanding the requirements for a report, critical review, annotated bibliography or some other type of assessment.
  • Developing a plan for your essay, report, oral presentation or other type of assessment.
  • Preparing for exams.
  • Time management techniques.
  • Feedback on structure and argument for short pieces of writing, ideally no more than 500 words.
  • Oral presentations.

What we don't do in a drop in

  • Give feedback on writing over 1000 words; 10-20 minutes is not long enough to review the work and give meaningful feedback. Even for pieces between 500-1000 words, we will only look at one part of the writing.
  • Deal with confidential issues as drop ins happen in an open area.

For these issues, please book an appointment.

Our approach is to assist you in developing your skills so

  • We do not look at work on the day it is due or work we have already seen at an appointment.
  • We do not provide an editing, proofreading or grammar-checking service, but we can help you with strategies to address both language and writing issues.
  • We cannot provide assistance with the actual academic content of your work or provide you with an estimate of a likely grade for your work.
  • We are not allowed to comment on take-home exams, although we can discuss how they may be different to coursework essay expectations.
  • We do not assist students with IELTS tests.

We do not see work for units from the Crawford School of Public Policy, Military Studies Program (Australian Command and Staff College) and ANU College as these areas have their own academic skills advisers.