Airport and Jolimont Centre Welcome for new students

In collaboration with Study Canberra, ANU offers a free 'Airport welcome' service at the Canberra airport to all new undergraduate, postgraduate and exchange students (including family members travelling with you) to help you arrive in time for Orientation Week.

The service will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your hall of residence or off-campus accommodation within ACT. You must have accommodation organised to be eligible for the service.

Once you have registered for the service you will receive a confirmation email. On arrival please look for the blue Study Canberra signs and desks. One of the team will great you, issue you with your transfer voucher and help you find transport to your final destination.

If you do not register for the service, but will arrive during the time the service is operating, the Airport Welcome Service will be there to greet you and help you find transport to your final destination. Please look for the blue Study Canberra signs and desk and say hello!

The service will be operating during the following times:

Monday 5 February - Sunday 11 February, 9am - 5pm

We will also meet direct international flights (Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways) from 12 February to 25 February if you register. Please note we cannot pick up students who do not register or who are arriving on domestic flights during this period.

If you are arriving during the week before Orientation Week (5 February - 11 February) but outside of 9am-5pm, please submit a registration and we will let you know if we can arrange transport for you. Please note that if you arrive outside of the 9am-5pm period during this week, your pick up is not guaranteed.

Register for the free Airport Welcome service here.

Jolimont Centre Shuttle Service

There will be a shuttle from 9am - 5pm Monday 5 - Sunday 11 February from Jolimont Bus Centre in Canberra. This service is also for new students and will take you to your new residence.

This will run every 60-90 minutes and registration is essential. You can register for this service here.