Initial consultation

The registration process involves the verification of the disability or medical condition through the provision of appropriate documentation, the discussion of needs and the preparation of an Education Access Plan.

If you require the University to adjust a process, provide equipment, or make any other adjustments, you must disclose the nature and extent of the disability or medical condition to the University. We will then assess the nature and extent of the disability or medical condition and facilitate the provision of support.

Students may request that their assessment be reviewed at any time. 

Please contact reception to arrange an appointment for an initial consultation. Note that an initial consultation appointment may take 1-1.5 hours. During busy periods students may be required to wait 1-2 weeks before an appointment time is available.

Medical documentation

To enable a full and proper assessment we ask students to provide opinions from medical experts that describe the nature of the disability or medical condition and the extent to which that disability may impact on the student's ability to undertake their studies. This allows us to:

  • provide advice on the impact of disability in the tertiary education environment
  • provide advice on the nature of the supports and adjustments that would minimise the impact of disability in tertiary education
  • assist with negotiations and advocacy with other university staff
  • ensure that all students are protected by our policies and disability discrimination legislation.

Documented evidence of disability should be brought to the initial consultation for copying and inclusion in a confidential file. Original documentation will be returned to you.