Group programs and workshops

Current enrolled students at ANU are eligible to register for the below programs and registration is via the links listed. All our programs are free. Locations for the programs are detailed in each registration link - please note, not all locations are the same.


Understanding Mental Health for International Students

Warning: Poor mental health can negatively affect your academic performance. This is information you need to know!

Join two of our student counsellors for a one hour session that will give you an understanding of what good mental health looks like. Learn about some common problems everyday people experience; the myths and truths about mental health; where to get counselling to improve your mental health, and how you can help someone else with a problem.

1 Session -Tuesday 27 February 9am-11am

Presented by Bernadette Ellis and Amanda Morrison


Registrations now closed - check back soon for dates of next session.


Everyday Mindfulness - 4 week program

You are registering to attend all 4 sessions.

This 4 week course will introduce you to mindfulness and some practices that can be used to help reduce the impacts of stress. Mindfulness means to deliberately pay attention to whatever you are doing, right now, with an open and non-striving attitude. With regular mindful practice you will become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physiological changes. This allows more choice over how you respond to situations including those that cause stress. Wear comfortable warm clothing and shoes will be removed whilst on the DOJO Mats.

4 Sessions - Thursdays 11am-12pm (19 April, 26 April, 3 May, 10 May)

Presented by Amanda Morrison

Registrations now closed - check back soon for dates of next course.


Procrastination and Motivation

This group will focus on why people procrastinate or struggle with low motivation. It will provide a framework for tackling procrastination with specific evidence-based strategies for improving self-regulation, increasing motivation, supporting neuroplasticity (and hence learning), scheduling, reducing screen time, increasing green time and avoiding willpower depletion.

1 Session - Thursday 19 April 2pm-3pm

Presented by Elizabeth Durbock

Registrations now closed - check back soon for dates of next session.


Suicide Prevention

This group will focus upon becoming more aware of suicide prevention with an aim to helping people get to professional help quickly. The information is about brief aide before a professional can take over support. It deals with myths around suicide and practical ways to help with an emphasis upon professional services available in the community. There will be time made available to questions to assist to understand the complexity and individual circumstances of suicide prevention. It is based upon the Australian Black Dog Institute resources.

1 Session - Thursday 3 May 4pm-5pm

Presented by Lib O'Neill

Register online via Survey Monkey


Social Success Group. 8 week program

Dates provided at the registration appointment. Presented by the ANU Psychology Clinic and the ANU Counselling Centre.

To register, please call the ANU Psychology Clinic on (02)6125 8498 to arrange a time to meet with the facilitator.


Get Up & Go

Want regular exercise, social contact and to contribute to ANU? Get Up & Go is a peer-support exercise program. You will be linked to a walking partner.

For more information and to participate click here.


Mindfulness Community of Practice - for ANU Staff and Students

Come along to a facilitated mindfulness practice. The group runs on a drop-in basis and is open to all staff and students with an interest in mindfulness. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a cushion to sit or lean on. If you require a chair contact us to organise. Shoes will be off in the dojo room.

For information and to subscribe go to Mindfulness@ANU.

This group assumes some prior understanding of and/or experience in the practice of mindfulness.

Weekly during Semester on Thursdays 12.30 - 1pm.