Special exam arrangements

Special exam arrangements are offered to supports students with a with a disability or medical condition by providing adjustments to the standard conditions under which exams are administered.

We will consider the nature of the student's disability or medical condition and make recommendations on the arrangements that would minimise the impact in the exam setting.

Exams may be run by the Examinations Office or the College, who are advised of the recommendations via email. The student is copied into the email correspondence. Academics may request variations to the recommendations that ensure the academic integrity of the course is maintained. The Examinations Office or College makes the arrangements and advises the students of the time, location and arrangements of the exam.

Special exam arrangements can take time to put in place. Students are responsible for advising the details (course code, date, time and format) of College run exams at least two weeks prior to an exam. If we are not advised within a reasonable time frame we are unable to guarantee that special exam arrangements will be made.