Student Speakers

Students are selected to speak on behalf of their fellow graduands at each Conferring of Awards Ceremony. Interested students are encouraged to nominate online to be considered. 

Student speakers represent all graduands at the ceremony and present to approximately 1000 graduands, staff, family and friends.  Student speakers should familiarise themselves with the formalities of a Conferring of Awards Ceremony and are encouraged to watch previous student speakers.  Students may also find it useful to watch speeches by previous guest speakers for further guidance.

Nomination Process

Students who wish to nominate as the student speaker at their Conferring of Awards Ceremony can do so online.  The nomination process is facilitated by the Graduations Office:

  • Students nominate by completing online application - see the relevant link in your graduation invitation email;
  • Nominations are reviewed by the Graduations Office;
  • Student speakers are selected by the Registrar of Student Administration;
  • Students are notified of the outcome of their application via email.

There are some important things to keep in mind if you are interested in being a student speaker:

  • Graduation day is an exciting, joyful celebration of the achievements of all graduands. Student speakers should endeavour to contribute to this celebratory atmosphere;
  • Student speakers may draw on their personal experiences at ANU, but the speech should focus on the graduating cohort as a whole;
  • Student speakers should consider the support graduands have received from family, friends, academics and ANU staff during their studies;
  • The audience at the Conferring of Awards Ceremony is diverse with guests coming from around the country and the world and includes young families with children;
  • Student speakers may wish to consider the disciplines within their Conferring of Awards Ceremony.  Student speakers should note their ceremony may include undergraduate and postgraduate students, and more than one College.

Student speakers write their speeches in consultation with the Academic Skills and Learning Centre (ASLC) and provide a final draft of their speech to the Graduations Office for feedback.