Invitation to graduate

Once you have been 'approved' or 'conditionally approved' to graduate you will be sent an invitation to the Conferring of Awards ceremonies. Invitations will be sent to your ANU student email account. Students with an inactive ANU email address will be contacted separately for an appropriate forwarding email address.

Invitations will be sent in May for the July Conferring of Awards ceremonies, and October for the December Conferring of Awards ceremonies.

When you are assessed as eligible to graduate you will become a 'graduand' while you move through the graduation process and Conferral of Awards ceremony. After the ceremony you will become a graduate of the University. Until you have conferred your award, you have not yet officially graduated.

It is important that you respond to your invitation letter, as this will officially allow the University to confer your award. Students who do not respond to their invitation, will not automatically be conferred and will be invited to graduate in the next session. You must respond to your invitation on ISIS, indicating one of the following three options:

Attending the ceremony

Choose this option if you wish to attend the ceremony as specified in your invitation.

By accepting your invitation to attend the Conferring of Award ceremony you acknowledge that wearing the regalia of your award/s is mandatory. Graduands who arrive without regalia will not be able to participate in the ceremony.

Graduating in absentia

Choosing to graduate in absentia means that you will still graduate, but you won't be attending the ceremony.

If you graduate in absentia, your testamur and other academic documents will be mailed to you after the ceremony by registered mail (within Australia) or by courier (outside Australia). You should allow six weeks after the date of the ceremony to receive your testamur. All of your academic documents will be available electronically within two weeks of your graduation ceremony through ANU Certified Documents, a secure and verified portal.

Deferring your graduation

You may defer your graduation for up to 12 months; this is one of the response options in ISIS. You may wish to do this if you are continuing on to an Honours year and you want to graduate from the Honours at the same time as the bachelor degree. Deferring your graduation means that you are deferring the conferral of your award.