Graduation Preparation

Completing an award at ANU is a significant academic achievement and is rightly celebrated at the University's prestigious Conferring of Awards ceremonies. Conferring of Awards ceremonies are inspiring events that have both formal and symbolic significance.

Step 1

Download the Graduation Checklist in Reference Documents.

The graduation checklist is your guide to preparing for your conferral ceremony.  You should download this and tick off each task as you complete it to ensure you have everything you need to graduate!

Step 2

Check my degree and personal information on ISIS is correct

Your name will appear on your testamur and in the Conferring of Awards Program exactly as it appears on the invitation. The testamur is a legal document and as such, can only display your legal name. Testamurs cannot include nicknames, shortened or diminutive forms of your name, or initials.

When responding to your invitation, you will be afforded the opportunity to confirm in ISIS the names (and their order) to appear on your testamur. In ISIS you will be able to remove a name, or change the order of your names, but will not be able to add a name.

If your name is incorrect on your invitation, you must submit to Student Central a Change of Name, Title or Date of Birth form, with:

  • an original legal document
  • provide a certified copy of a legal document showing the correct name.

Documents that are acceptable as proof of name change are: passport, birth certificate, deed poll, naturalisation certificate or change of name registration with the Australian Government agency, Births, Deaths and Marriages.

You will have until 14 June 2019 for the First Semester ceremonies and 15 November 2019 for the Second Semester ceremonies to update your name with the University, in order for it to appear correctly on your academic documents.

Step 3

RSVP to my invitation

Once you have been 'approved' or 'conditionally approved' to graduate you will be sent an invitation to the Conferring of Awards ceremonies. Invitations will be sent to your ANU student email account. Students with an inactive ANU email address will be contacted separately for an appropriate forwarding email address.

Invitations will be sent in May for the July Conferring of Awards ceremonies, and October for the December Conferring of Awards ceremonies.

Attending the ceremony

Choose this option if you wish to attend the ceremony as specified in your invitation.

By accepting your invitation to attend the Conferring of Award ceremony you acknowledge that wearing the regalia of your award/s is mandatory. Graduands who arrive without regalia will not be able to participate in the ceremony. You will receive your testamur at the ceremony. All of your academic documents will be available electronically immediately after your graduation ceremony through ANU Certified Documents, a secure and verified portal.

Graduating in absentia

Choosing to graduate in absentia means that you will still graduate, but you won't be attending the ceremony.  If you are not able to attend your ceremony, you must respond to the invitation by nominating to graduate in absentia.  If you do not respond to your invitation, you will not be conferred and you will not receive your graduation documents.

If you graduate in absentia, your testamur will be mailed to you after the ceremony by registered mail (within Australia) or by courier (outside Australia). You should allow six weeks after the date of the ceremony to receive your testamur. All of your academic documents will be available electronically within two weeks of your graduation ceremony through ANU Certified Documents, a secure and verified portal.

Please ensure your mailing address in ISIS is updated no later than 14 June 2019 (for July conferral) or 15 November 2019 (for December conferral) to ensure your testamur is sent to the correct address.

Deferring your graduation

You may defer your graduation for up to 12 months; this is one of the response options in ISIS. You may wish to do this if you are continuing on to an Honours year and you want to graduate from the Honours at the same time as the bachelor degree. Deferring your graduation means that you are deferring the conferral of your award.

Step 4

Hire your regalia (if attending the ceremony)

It is mandatory for graduands to wear academic dress to their graduation ceremony. If you are not wearing appropriate regalia when you register on the day, you will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.

For the ceremony you will need to hire/purchase appropriate regalia. This may include; a black robe, a hood/stole in the colour and style associated with your award/s and a trencher/mortarboard or bonnet (if applicable). If you are having two awards conferred, you will only need to hire/purchase one hood. 

Choosing to hire or purchase your regalia from Reed Graduation Services - the university's supplier - will help ensure a positive graduation experience.

Step 5

Apply to be Student Speaker (optional)

Students are selected to speak on behalf of their fellow graduands at each Conferring of Awards Ceremony. Interested students are encouraged to nominate online to be considered

Student speakers represent all graduands at the ceremony and present to approximately 1000 graduands, staff, family and friends.  Student speakers should familiarise themselves with the formalities of a Conferring of Awards Ceremony and are encouraged to watch previous student speakers.  Students may also find it useful to watch speeches by previous guest speakers for further guidance.

Step 6

Pay any outstanding fees and fines to the University

You will not be permitted to graduate if you have any outstanding debts to the University. Make sure that all payments are finalised well in advance of graduation to avoid disappointment.

The final date to make payments for the First Semester ceremonies is 14 June 2019, and for the Second Semester ceremonies is 15 November 2019.

Step 7

Enter the guest invitation ballot (if attending the ceremony)

Seats will be allocated by the University.

If you, or any of your guests, have a disability or other requirement for special seating, please use the contact details on this page as soon as possible and prior to the deadline to respond to your invitation.

We cannot accommodate special requests on the day as all seating is pre-allocated.

Step 8

Check final eligibility to graduate on ISIS

All graduands must check their final eligibility to graduate on ISIS on 6 July 2019 for First Semester ceremonies and 30 November 2019 for Second Semester ceremonies.

Step 9

Organise travel and accommodation for guests

If you have guests travelling from out of town, don't forget to make arrangements for their travel and accommodation.  You may also like to plan sightseeing activities around Canberra.

The Visit Canberra website offers information of accommodation and things to see and do.

Step 10

Collect guest tickets (if attending the ceremony)

You may collect your guest tickets on 16 July between 9am-5pm (location TBC), Guest tickets will not be mailed. Guest tickets can also be collected on the day of your ceremony from the Llewellyn Hall box office.

Conferring of Awards

Congratulations, you are ready to graduate.  If you are attending a ceremony, please ensure you arrive 2-3 hours prior to ensure you have time to collect your regalia. Graduands must arrange to be in the Graduand Registration Room 1 hour prior to the ceremony to register and collect their Graduation ticket.  Graduands must be dressed in their regalia before they register.

If you are graduating in absentia your testamur will be mailed to you after the ceremony by registered mail (within Australia) or by courier (outside Australia). You should allow six weeks after the date of the ceremony to receive your testamur.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about your graduation, you may find the answer on our frequently asked questions page.

If you still have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Graduations Office.