Living at ANU: once in a lifetime experience

ANU gives you more opportunities to live on campus than any other Australian university, so you can make the most of your time here. Apply to join nearly 5,000 students from across Australia and around the world who call ANU home.

Going away to university should be about more than getting a degree. The residential experience at ANU is about providing a holistic education that will qualify you for life. 

For most, living at university is a once in a lifetime experience. The experience at ANU is exceptional for many reasons - the number and diversity of our residents, the variety of accommodation styles to choose from, and the comprehensive support to help you transition smoothly from school to university and adulthood.

You will find friends for life among your peers and neighbours at ANU. The bonds formed through shared experience will last long after you graduate and will connect you to people across the globe.   

The pastoral, social and academic support programs will help you safely establish your independence, become part of your residential community, and successfully meet the expectations of university. You will be surrounded by older students and peers whose experience will guide you, and by professional staff whose main objective is to ensure you reach your full potential. 

There will be limitless opportunities to expand your outlook and broaden your education. You will live among talented people from all over the world whose backgrounds, perspectives and experiences will challenge you. Your confidence will soar and you will experience enormous personal growth as you successfully navigate this larger world.

You will be surrounded by people who will encourage you to join in and try new things, and there will be many opportunities for you to step up and be a leader within your residential community. When the time comes to apply for that graduate placement, you'll have an edge, thanks to the responsibilities you've already tackled living at ANU.

Living on campus, you will have the convenience of classes and University resources literally in your backyard. And that backyard is in Australia's capital city, alongside foreign missions, the Australian Parliament, national institutions, research organisations and the offices of government.

Come and see for yourself.  Take a campus tour.