Learning communities

ANU learning communities are student led organisations dedicated to bringing people together in areas of common interest. Learning communities are inclusive and open to everyone - you don't have to be studying at ANU to come along; you might be an ANU staff member, alumni or without any direct affiliation to ANU but you have an interest to learn and connect.

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There are five ANU learning Communities:

Creative arts

Creative expression is not just a luxury, it is a vital part of human life. Art, music, drama, literature: they enliven the senses and the mind. Whether you're a mathematician, a sociologist or a lawyer - we all encounter the fruits of creativity.

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The distillation of human achievement, language, ideas, values and philosophies, vary between nations, populations, and over time. Even within countries like Australia and communities like the ANU there is rich diversity of tradition and thought.

» ANU Cultures Learning Community Facebook page

Global challenges

The pace of change in a globalised world is phenominal. Technology, population increases and mass migration inform great global challenges as well as opportunities. Geopolitics, health, energy, climate change, water and food security: the list goes on.

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Over 100 billion people have lived on this planet, those who are alive are only a small percentage. Thinking about the experience of these people, and the ideas and institutions which we have inherited from them, better help us to understand our world in the present.

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Sustainability is not just for 'tree-huggers' because the environment is important to everyone. The air we breathe, the food we eat and the places we live - are all part of the ecosystem in which we live and therefore need to think more about.

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