Indigenous tuition assistance program

Tjabal administers a tuition assistance program for undergraduate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at the ANU. You can utilise up to two hours a week per course of one-on-one tutorial assistance at no cost to you.


There are a number of scholarships ANU offers Indigenous students that range from accommodation, tuition fees, financial support and research. Tjabal encourages ANU Indigenous students to visit with a staff member to discuss financial difficulties as they arise.

Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships assist full-time Indigenous Australian students from rural and regional and low income backgrounds with financial support associated with their study in an undergraduate degree program for up to four years. There are three types of Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships:

  • Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship
  • Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship
  • Indigenous Access Scholarship

By submitting one application through UAC you'll be considered for all Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships for which you're eligible during your study program at the ANU.


There are a variety of accommodation options on and off campus. If you require accommodation at ANU you need to register and apply online. Residential colleges together with the Tjabal Centre provide accommodation sponsorships for students in need.


ABSTUDY is a Centrelink payment for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australians who are studying. ABSTUDY can help with costs of study, housing, living expenses and travelling to your place of study each term or semester if you need to study away from home.

Centrelink has other funding options to support Indigenous students and not all of them are means tested. Further information can be found at your local Centrelink office or Centrelink website.