Vice-Chancellor's coursework travel grants

The Vice-Chancellor provides funding through ANU Global Programs to assist coursework students who meet specified criteria to facilitate learning abroad, enrich their academic experience and enable them to undertake approved periods of overseas short-term and semester study.

Students who meet the approved criteria outlined below may apply or be automatically considered where specified for a VC Coursework Travel Grant of up to the specified amount.

To be eligible for support, students must be enrolled in a bachelor, Juris Doctor or master by coursework program and otherwise meet the specific eligibility requirements referenced under each grant category.

Where applications are necessary, these must be lodged and approved before the activity is undertaken.

Grant categories

Access and equity grants

Applications for Semester 2 2018 will open on the 2nd of April, and will close on Friday 11 May 2018.

Students who can demonstrate financial need who are registered with ANU under one of the categories below may be eligible for a grant of up to AUD $10,000 for semester exchange or Year in Asia.

In order to be considered for an access and equity grant, students must:

  • be an Australian domestic student; and
  • be financially disadvantaged (confirmed through provision of a Centrelink Income Statement. For students who do not recieve Centrelink, a parent's Centrelink Income Statement will also be considered).

This may include students that also meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (confirmed with the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre)
  • have a long-term medical condition or disability and be registered with ANU Access and Inclusion
  • be a holder of refugee status/Australian humanitarian visa
  • be from a regional and remote background (confirmed through the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (AGSS) Remoteness Areas Classification 2011)
  • be the first in family to attend university (determined by information provided at enrolment) 

In addition to the above, applicants will need to provide a statement outlining:

  • how the grant will support their studies and overcome barriers to participating in learning abroad
  • expenses they envisage they will be incurring during their learning abroad experience
  • any other funding channels they have access to for supporting their learning abroad experience
  • the amount they feel is needed to support their learning abroad experience

Amounts will be determined according to destination, forecasted expenses and the overall VC Coursework Travel Grants budget for that period. Students who have already received a VC Travel Grant under the access and equity category are not eligible to receive a second grant.

Priority in outcomes will be given to students who demonstrate significant disadvantage or barriers to study as a result of one or more factors beyond their control that impact on their ability to participate in semester learning abroad on the same basis as other students.

Applications will be accepted twice per year for exchange and Year in Asia programs starting in Semester 1 and Semester 2. Only students who have not yet started their exchange or Year in Asia program are eligible to apply.

Applications are open from the Monday of Week 7 to the Friday of Week 12 in the semester prior to exchange. Access and equity grant applications for students starting their exchange or Year in Asia program in Semester 2, 2018 will open in April 2018.

After applications close, a selection committee will be formed and outcomes are expected to be advised within two weeks.

The application form is available at the link on the right-had side of the page, and completed applications should be lodged directly to ANU Access and Inclusion (Ground Floor, Copland Building 24, E:


Any enquiries regarding the equity assessment can be directed to Access and Inclusion at All other enquiries should be directed to Global Programs at

Other VC Coursework Travel Grant funding

Other funding opportunities for first year learning abroad and strategic programs will be advertised in due course. The number of awards, amounts and selection criteria for each program will be specified as and when programs are advertised.