Ghost writing

Ghost writing is when a student presents a whole assignment as if it were their own, when in fact it was produced by someone else. Ghost writing happens if someone asks or pays another person to write an assignment for them. This is a very serious breach of academic integrity. Another term for this type of cheating is contract cheating.

People who are found to have plagiarised in this way can face serious consequences. These can include receiving a grade of zero for the assignment, failing the course, and being suspended from study.

The reasons people plagiarise often include poor time management, feeling under pressure, and a lack of confidence in writing and analytical skills (Adam 2016). To avoid such a situation, it's important to manage your time so that you have plenty of time to plan, draft, and seek feedback on your work. Check out our information on time management, reading strategies, exam preparation, writing assignments, and come to see us for personalised assistance.


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