Julie Tolmie - references and links

About me:

I am currently a PhD student working on the visual communication of mathematics.
My long term focus is the effect of (visual) hyperspatial notation on mathematics itself.
In the short term I have created (two related) visualisations for rational numbers down to a level of 37ths (otherwise known as the Farey sequence of order 37).

Any visual work in mathematics involves perception in space and time and thus it has much to gain by looking to 2000 years of visual tradition. I have included some comments to this effect (in English and French):

I anticipate submitting this thesis soon (!), after which I intend to move to the northern hemisphere for World Mathematical Year 2000.

If you are interested in discussing visual mathematics (in either English or French)
email me at or

This site was slightly updated 12 May 1999, by which I mean a few more links were added but no major reorganisation or checking of links was undertaken.
Apologies for the recent temporary unavailability of this site. ( It was actually deleted accidently without my knowledge.)