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Grade scale used at ANU

The Australian National University uses the following grades for all courses taken since First Semester 1994.

Click here to see the key to grades prior to 1994.


Standard grade scale

HD (80-100%) High Distinction
D (70-79%) Distinction
CR (60-69%) Credit
P (50-59%) Pass
PS (50%) Pass at a supplementary examination
HLP Higher Level Pass
N (00-49%) Fail
NCN Not Completed/Fail
WN Withdrawn with Failure


Honours grades

H1 (80-100%) First Class Honours
H2A (70-79%) Second Class Honours Division A
H2B (60-69%) Second Class Honours Division B
H3 (50-59%) Third Class Honours


Interim codes (when result is yet to be finalised)

DA Deferred assessment
PX Offered supplementary assessment. The student has seven working days from the date of notification of the interim result of PX. The candidate must notify in writing the relevant authority within the Faculty of the acceptance of the offer. See Examinations Rules.
RP Result pending
WA Withheld for administrative reasons
WF Withheld for fees reasons


Other grades/codes

IP In progress (awarded for Part A of a course conducted over two semesters. Final grade is awarded on completion of Part B.)
KU Continuing course (where course is taken over more than one year/semester. Final grade is awarded on completion of the course.)
NEX Non-examinable course (for Audit students only)
WD Withdrawn without failure
WL Late withdrawal
STI Status - internal
STE Status - external
EXI Exemption - internal
EXE Exemption - external
EE Enrolled elsewhere
CRS Course requirement satisfied

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Official documentation

The Australian National University provides two forms of official documentation of results - the transcript (or academic record) and the testamur (or degree certificate.)

The transcript provides a listing of all courses and results undertaken at the University, and includes details of degrees awarded and prizes achieved. Students may apply for a transcript at any time during their studies. See the website for how to apply for a transcript.


The testamur is the official degree certificate and bears the University Seal. It lists the name of the degree or award obtained. The testamur is conferred at the graduation ceremony, or can be mailed to students who are not attending the ceremony. In the case of lost or damaged testamurs, see Replacement testamur.

Other documentation

Students who need to provide evidence that they are enrolled at the University may request an official letter. Please contact Student and Academic Services.

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