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The New ISIS – Released 30 September

ISIS has huge improvements made to its services and has been given a facelift too!

The new ISIS is best viewed using Internet Explorer v6 and above or Mozilla Firefox v2 and above.

The information gathered from the ISIS questionnaire last year and the input from the Student Testing in August has shaped the direction for an improved ISIS system. We have changed look and layout of your online information and added new services as well. Some of the new features include:

ISIS Home:

This is the main page of ISIS; it contains the menu, Student Home, Account Payments due and ISIS Tasks.


The menus are easy to navigate and allow you to see where you are within ISIS at all times.

To go to a new menu item simply click the link.

ISIS Home:

Gives a quick indication of monies owed and the required due date. The Make a Payment link will take you to the new ISIS payment system pages.

ISIS Tasks:

This lists outstanding tasks you must complete before being able to enrol.

Student Home:

This is the main page of ISIS that details all your current and future enrolments (Previous enrolments are shown on the Academic History pages).

You asked to be shown the semester/sessions you were enrolled in, rather than being told which ones you were not.

Student Invoices:

You can now view your invoice online or print them off if desired. This saves having to wait for a hardcopy of your invoice. Invoices are available as soon as they are system generated.

Charges to Pay:

Lists all due charges on your account, Clicking the ‘Make a Payment’ button will take you to the Payment Options page which details the various ways you can pay your account.

The Payment Options page includes the new online payment system which allows you pay as soon as you know the outstanding amounts conveniently via Credit Card.

Statement of Results:

Provides a printable semester/session ordered list of all courses undertaken at the ANU with units taken, marks and grades.

This and more will be available from 30 September at

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on the new improved ISIS please email