The Internationale

rd_star.gif (874 bytes) Sound clips: mp3 format (1.2mb) (high quality), RealAudio format (305kb) (high quality), au format (602kb), wav format (602kb)
These sound clips of the first verse and chorus of 'The Internationale' are available with the kind permission of Alistair Hulett and copyright Alistair Hulett. They come from his 1992 album, Dance of the Underclass, which like his other albums also contains many contemporary political songs. Note that the unimpressive sound quality produced by the last two files reflects the 8kHz sampling rate used in making the files rather than the excellent quality of the original CD.
rd_star.gif (874 bytes) The lyrics and some background to the song
rd_star.gif (874 bytes) The musical score, piano arrangement
rd_star.gif (874 bytes) The original French lyrics, also Czech, German, Italian and Swedish lyrics
rd_star.gif (874 bytes) The lyrics and Zahava Seewald's recording of the Bund's anthem, 'Di Shvue' ('The vow') and some information about the Bund
rd_star.gif (874 bytes) The lyrics of The Socialist ABC by Alex Glasgow, a leftist song in a somewhat lighter vein

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