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ANU Reporter magazine is the voice of The Australian National University community. It tells the story of ANU: our staff, students, alumni and history. The quarterly publication includes in-depth research features, news from across the University and a look at what makes our community tick.

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Latest edition – Volume 45 No.3

From saving rhinos in Vietnam to winning gold at the Commonwealth Games, the new edition of ANU Reporter has stories celebrating the breadth and depth of life at ANU.

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Content for the magazine is decided by an editorial committee, including the Director of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs, the magazine’s editor and its regular production team.

Finding ANU Reporter on campus

A limited number of copies of each edition of ANU Reporter are available from selected locations across ANU.

They are: Union Court, ANUSA student space, The Gods@Hedley Bull, Chats Cafe, Biginelli cafes in the ANU School of Music and the ANU College of Business and Economics buildings, Ivy Lake View Cafe, the John Curtin School of Medical Research and Cafe Peppercorn.

The editor

Richard Fox
02 6125 4171