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Celine d'Orgeville  »

ANU College of Science
Gender, Astronomy & astrophysics

Laser, Adaptive Optics, Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics, Laser tracking of satellite/space debris, Instrumentation for astronomy and space, Giant Magellan Telescope, Women in Science and Gender equity

Science - Astronomy

Professor Gary Da costa  »

ANU College of Science
Astronomy & astrophysics

Star clusters, nearby galaxies, large optical/infra-red telescopes,
The International Gemini Project, The Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) Project

Science - Astronomy
Phone 02 6125 8913 (work)

Dr Yuchao Dai  »

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
Information technology

Computer vision


Phone 02 6125 3723 (work)

Professor Daryl Daley  »

ANU College of Science

Probability Theory

Dr Daryl Daley  »

ANU College of Science
Education, Mathematics, Statistics

Tertiary entry (UAI's) and HSC examination marks, probability problems

Phone 02 6125 4551 (work)

Greg Daly  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Fine art

Ceramics and the crafts

Arts - Fine Art
Phone 02 6125 5822 (work)

Dr Katherine Daniell  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
European Union, Pacific, Urban

Water management, stakeholder engagement, collaborative governance, politics of innovation, international research cooperation (particularly with the EU and Pacific)

Europe - EU

Public Policy - Urban

Phone 02 6125 8100 (work), 0419 848 256 (mobile)

Dr Stephen Dann  »

ANU College of Business & Economics
Marketing, Social marketing, Politics

Marketing, social media, Twitter, social media marketing, political marketing, political uses of twitter

Marketing - social
Phone 02 6125 4516 (work), 0407 591 470 (mobile)

Dr John Dargavel  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Forestry & agriculture, History

Forest history - biographies of foresters, history of forest science, history of forestry education, history of wood collections (xylaria)

Environment - Forestry

Dr Vincent Daria  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Medical & health science, Medical research, Science, Physics

Optics, instrumentation, lasers 

Dr Mukunda Das  »

ANU College of Science

High temperature superconductivity, electronic transport in nano-devices, cold atoms and bose-Einstein condensation

Science - Physics

Phone 02 6125 3066 (work)

Robin Davies  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Africa, Climate change, Finance, International relations, Foreign

Overseas aid policy and management, international development financing, multilateral development organisations, climate change and development, public-private partnerships for development

Environment - Climate Change
International Relations
Public Policy - Foreign

Clem Davis  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Environmental science, Science, Earth Science

Meteorology, climatology

Science - Earth Science
Phone 02 6125 3632 (work), 0421 250 733 (mobile)

Dr Jeremy Dawson  »

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
Information technology

Information technology, formal specification and verification, automated reasoning


Phone 02 6267 6278 (work)

Dr Cathy Day  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Archaeology, History, Languages & linguistics

Cousin marriage, inbreeding, historical patterns of illegitimacy

Archaeology & Anthropology

Language & Linguistics

Phone 02 6125 5607 (work), 0404 122 164 (mobile)

Professor Patrick De Deckker  »

ANU College of Science
Biodiversity, Climate change, Biology

Marine geoscience, deep-sea canyons, microfossils, limnology, salt lakes, climate change, past climates, palaeontology, arid environments, chemistry and biology of aeolian [airborne] dust

Environment - Biodiversity
Environment - Climate Change
Science - Biology
Phone 02 6125 2070 (work)

Dr Peter Dean  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Australian defence policy, Australian strategic culture, United States and Australian military cooperation, Anzus Alliance & the US pivot to Asia Australian Military history and operations, United States military history and operations, Second World War, in particular the Pacific Area 1942-1945, amphibious warfare/operations, expeditionary warfare/operations


Janet Deboos  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Arts, China

Craft practice; the relationship between hand made and manufacture, Chinese ceramic art and industry, craft education

Asia (North) - China
Phone 02 6125 5824 (work), 0416 942 641 (mobile)

Dr Manuel Delicado Cantero  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Languages & linguistics

Spanish, Spanish linguistics, teaching Spanish, history of Spanish

Language & Linguistics
Phone 02 6125 5134 (work)

Dr Tim Denham  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Archaeology, South East Asia, Papua New Guinea

Archaeology, early agriculture, plant domestication, geoarchaeology, New Guinea, Island Southeast Asia, Australia

Archaeology & Anthropology
Asia (South East)
Pacific - PNG