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Dr Geoff Cary  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
Environmental science, Environmental

Bushfire science, prediction and ecology

Public Policy - Environmental
Phone 02 6125 0059 (work)

Associate Professor Kylie Catchpole  »

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
Energy, Science, Technology

Solar cells, solar energy, nanotechnology

Environment - Energy

Anita Chan  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Asia, North Asia, China

China, labour, workers, trade unions, Vietnamese labour.

Asia (North)
Asia (North) - China
Phone 02 6125 4260 (work)

Professor Bruce Chapman  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Economics, Employment & labour, Education

Higher education financing and loans, unemployment, poverty traps, labour market programs, income contingent loans, the brain drain.

Economics - Employment/Labour

Phone 02 6125 4050 (work), 0424 589 728 (mobile)

Professor Hilary Charlesworth  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Law, International

International law, human rights law, United Nations, women's rights.

Law - International
Phone 02 6125 6040 (work)

Dr Priya Chattier  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Pacific, Fiji

Women's economic empowerment in Fiji; measuring poverty and gender disparity with a focus on Sen's capability approach; gender, Hindu womanhood and diaspora; gender relations in the Pacific especially masculinity in crisis.

Pacific - Fiji

Moeen Cheema  »

ANU College of Law
South Asia, Pakistan, Law, Religion

Pakistan (law, governance, and cricket), Islamic law and South Asia

Asia (South)
Asia (South) - Pakistan

Phone 02 6125 1139 (work)

Dr Chunlai Chen  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
China, International, International relations

Chinese economy, The World Trade Organisation, foreign direct investment policy and governance program

Asia (North) - China
Economics - International
International Relations
Phone 02 6125 6565 (work)

Dr George Chen  »

ANU College of Business & Economics
Business management, Psychology

Leadership, organisational commitment organisational behaviour in international context, cross cultural management and Chinese management

Phone 02 6125 6194 (work)

Dr David Cheng  »

ANU College of Business & Economics
Business management

Humour, Emotions, Anger Management and Leadership

Dr Ying-Yi Chih  »

Asia, Taiwan, Business management, Project management

Further details of expertise: Government project management, public-private partnerships (PPPs), value co-creation in projects, employee well-being and performance management in construction projects.

Professor Fred W S Chow  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment

Plant biophysics, light reactions in photosynthesis

Science - Biology
Phone 02 6125 3980 (work)

Professor Peter Christen  »

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
Information technology

data matching, record linkage, entity resolution, data mining, data integration, privacy-preserving data mining, privacy-preserving record linkage


Phone 02 6125 5690 (work)

Professor Will Christie BA Hons (Syd), DPhil (Oxf), FAHA »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Arts, Drama & theatre, Literature, Asia, China, Europe, United Kingdom, History

British Romantic literature and culture

Public lecturing during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Modern Scottish intellectual and cultural history

The culture of science in Romantic Britain

The Edinburgh Review 1802-1829 and its ediitor, Francis JeffreyCultural relations between Britain and China in the Qing dynasty

Poetry and poeticsLiterary influence

Shakespeare in critical and cultural historyWilliam Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Jane Austen

Dylan Thomas

Phone 02 6125 0151 , 0458 006 463

Associate Professor Geoffrey Clark  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Archaeology, History, Pacific, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga

Prehistory of Pacific and Indian Oceans, Samoa, Uvea, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Mariana Islands, Palau

Archaeology & Anthropology

Pacific - Fiji
Pacific - New Zealand
Pacific - PNG
Pacific - Samoa
Pacific - Tonga
Phone 02 6125 2215 (work)

Brenton Clark  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Middle East, Iran, Politics

Iran, Tajikistan, Middle Eastern and Central Asian politics

Middle East - Iran

Associate Professor Michael Clarke  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Americas, North America, Asia, China, International relations, National security, Politics, Domestic, International, Public policy, Foreign, Terrorism

Further details of expertise

Political Science, International Relations, Government And Politics Of Asia And The Pacific, Defence Studies, The history and politics of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomnous Region (China), Ethnic separatism(particularly in China, Chinese history from Qing era to the present, The geopolitics of Central Eurasia, Terrorism and political violence, Australian defence and foreign policy, Nuclear proliferation and non-proliferation, American defence and foreign policy

Professor Archie Clements  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
Medical & health science, Medical research, Population health, Public policy, Health

Epidemiology, infectious diseases

Health - Medical Research
Health - Population Health

Dr Tom Cliff  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Asia, China, Demography & population

Tom Cliff is an ARC Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Culture, History, and Language at the Australian National University.

Tom is currently investigating the role of the informal institutions of family and enterprise in responding to economic uncertainty and the ageing population in China.

Tom has conducted long-term fieldwork in Xinjiang, and his book, Oil and Water: Being Han in Xinjiang was published by Chicago University Press in June 2016.

Professor Matthew Colless  »

ANU College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Astronomy & astrophysics

Cosmology, galaxies, telescope, observatory

Science - Astronomy
Phone 02 6125 0266 (work), 0431 898 345 (mobile)