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Dr Pauline Bryant  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Arts, Literature, Languages & linguistics

English language, Australian English, the role of language in society, what words tell us about the world, new words, language and the media

Arts - Literature
Language & Linguistics
Phone 02 6251 1274 (work)

Professor Stephen Buckman  »

ANU College of Science
Science, Physics

Antimatter Physics and Chemistry, Positrons, Atomic and Molecular Physics

Science - Physics
Phone 02 6125 2402 (work), 0409 000 255 (mobile)

Gordon Bull  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Fine art, Indigenous studies

The reception of Indigenous Australian art, Eighteenth and nineteenth century European and colonial landscape, modern and contemporary Australian and international art, the relation of art theory to art practice

Arts - Fine Art
Phone 02 6125 5805 (work)

Dr Conrad Burden  »

ANU College of Science
Mathematics, Statistics

Mathematical and Statistical aspects of Bioinformatics


Dr Sean W Burges  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Americas, Central America, South America, International relations, Politics, International

Brazil, BRIC, Latin America, South America, South-South, emerging markets, foreign policy, development, foreign aid

Americas - Central America
Americas - South America
International Relations
Politics - International
Phone 02 6125 7569 (work), 0404 536 513 (mobile)

Dr Gaetan Burgio  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Medical & health science, Medical research, Science, Biology

CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technologies (technology development, precision medicine, gene drive, ethics, ...)

Policies on Research and Innovation (Research funding, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australian Research Council (ARC), industry)

Research misconduct  (plagiarism, retraction,...)

Dr Michelle Burgis-Kasthala  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
International, Middle East

International law, Middle East politics, Arab-Israeli conflict

Law - International

Dr Paul Burke  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Economics, Environmental

Climate change economics and policy, environmental economics, energy, economic development

Economics - Environmental
Phone 02 6125 6566 (work), 0421083933 (mobile)

Dr Paul Burton  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

History- Ancient Rome

Professor Leszek Buszynski  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Defence

Asia Pacific Security, South China Sea, Korean Peninsula, Japan

Asia (North) - China
Asia (North) - Japan
Asia (North) - Korea
Phone 02 6125 9932 (work)

Dr Gary Buttriss  »

ANU College of Business & Economics
Business management, Climate change

Corporate sustainability, business adaptation to climate change and a low carbon economy, sustainable marketing and strategy, innovation for sustainability, developing sustainability brands.

Environment - Climate Change
Phone 02 6125 6129 (work), 0408 278 841 (mobile)

Emeritus Professor Don Byrne  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Population health, Psychology

Stress including occupational stress, type A behaviour, stress and cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stress management, adolescent smoking behaviour, psychology of cigarette smoking

Health - Population Health

Phone 0412 623 892 (mobile)

Dr David Caldicott  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Drugs & alcohol, Medical research, Terrorism

Novel Illicit Drugs, Medical Responses to Terrorism, High Verisimilitude Medical Simulation

Health - Drugs & Alcohol
Health - Medical Research

Dr Judith Cameron  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Southeast Asian Archaeology; Prehistoric Cloth Production

Archaeology & Anthropology

Dr Emma Campbell  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Political, economic and humanitarian engagement with North Korea,
South Korean society and politics

Public Policy - Foreign
Phone 02 6125 3564 (work)

Professor Peter Cane  »

ANU College of Law

Compensation, tort law, personal injuries, liability insurance, judicial review, public law, tribunals, administrative law.

Law - Civil
Phone 02 6125 4162 (work)

Professor Michael Cardew-Hall  »


Advanced manufacturing and production systems, innovation, commercialisation


Phone 02 6125 0330 (work), 0416 249 307 (mobile)

Professor Alan Carey  »

ANU College of Science
Education, Mathematics

Mathematics policy, mathematical physics, analysis and geometry

Phone 02 6125 2957 (work)

Dr Andrew Carr  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Immigration & multiculturalism, International relations, International, Foreign

Asylum seekers, Australian foreign policy

Immigration & Multiculturalism
International Relations
Politics - International
Public Policy - Foreign
Phone 02 6125 1164 (work), 0421 728 207 (mobile)

Dr Annie Carroll  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Gambling, problem gambling, people with gambling problems, problem gambling services, help-seeking for gambling problems, stigma and gambling, Trade unions, trade union health activism, trade unions and development, trade union history in Australia

Phone 02 6125 2659 (work), 0437 129 739 (mobile)