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Dr Ayesha Tulloch  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
Environmental science

Wildlife conservation, Australian mammals, birds, conservation biology, systematic conservation planning, optimal monitoring, decision theory, biodiversity loss, invasive predator management, fire management

Phone +61 2 6125 4108

Dr Caroline Turner  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Fine art, Asia, Japan, Indonesia, International relations, Pacific

Contemporary Asian and Pacific art (especially Japan and Indonesia), museums and international cultural relations, Asian art and human rights

Arts - Fine Art

Asia (North) - Japan
Asia (South East) - Indonesia
International Relations

Phone 02 6125 0529 (work)

Professor Rod Tyers  »

ANU College of Business & Economics
Economics, International

International economics, economy-wide modelling

Economics - International

Professor John Uhr  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Philosophy, Domestic, Public policy

Parliament, ethics in government, public service, public accountability

Politics - Domestic

Phone 02 6125 3668 (work)

Professor Jonathan Unger  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Domestic China, sociologist, urban and rural china

Asia (North) - China
Phone 02 6125 4157 (work)

Dr Krisztina Valter  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
Medical & health science, Science, Biology

Vision, retina, retinal degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, age-related macular degeneration, retinal treatment, retinal diseases, alternative therapies, human anatomy, medical education

Science - Biology
Phone 02 6125 1095 (work)

Dr Pierre van der Eng  »

ANU College of Business & Economics
Indonesia, South East Asia, Business management, International

Indonesian economy, business and history, Southeast Asian economy and business

Asia (South East)
Asia (South East) - Indonesia

Economics - International

Phone 02 6125 5438 (work)

Dr Jeroen van der Heijden  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Governance for urban sustainability (Australia, Asia, Europe and North-America), climate change mitigation and adaptation at city level

Environment - Climate Change

Phone 02 6125 5465 (work), 0487903835 (mobile)

Dr Dirk Van Rooy  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
Information technology, Psychology

Social and community psychology, advanced applied statistics, survey design, automated text analysis, research methodology, simulation and modelling, ethical aspects of research, social psychological and cultural aspects of technology use and acceptance, social factors in the design of software systems


Phone 0407 417 017 (work)

Kerri Viney  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
Medical & health science

Tuberculosis, Pacific health

Phone 02 6125 5622 (work)

Professor Carola Vinuesa  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
Medical & health science, Medical research, Science, Biology

Autoimmunity, antibodies, lupus, human exome sequencing, germinal centers, T follicular helper cells, neuroimmunology

Health - Medical Research

Science - Biology
Phone N/A (work), 0432 130 556 (mobile)

Dr Carmen Voigt-Graf  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Demography & population, Immigration & multiculturalism, Pacific, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands

Migration; Labour mobility, particularly in Pacific Island Countries; Economic Development in Pacific Island Countries; Employment and skills development in Pacific Island Countries; Transnationalism and diasporas; and Regional Trade Agreements in the Pacific Island region (incl PACER Plus, MSG Trade Agreement)

Phone +61 2 6125 0960 , 0420 222 406

Dr Susanne von Caemmerer  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment

Plant physiology and biochemistry, photosynthesis

Science - Biology
Phone 02 6125 5053 (work)

Dr Chris Wallace  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
History, Politics, Domestic, International

Contemporary political historian with a focus on the Anglosphere countries (Australia, Britain and North America) and Europe.
In addition a strong interest in contemporary economic history and policy.
Member of the ANU Gender Institute and can speak to the position of women across the aforementioned topics.

Phone 6125 6851 , 0411 885 302

Dr Grant Walton  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
International, Education, International relations, Pacific

Corruption, anti-corruption, civil society, international development, education financing, Papua New Guinea.

Political/Human Geography

Political Science

Phone 61250134 (work), 0415 754 943 (mobile)

Yanyan Wang  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
China, Languages & linguistics

Mandarin language

Asia (North) - China
Language & Linguistics
Phone 02 6125 0580 (work), 0426 288 808 (mobile)

Professor John Wanna  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Taiwan, Domestic, Public policy, Economics, Employment

Federal and state politics, politicians, political parties, federal-state relations, public finance, public policy, accountability, public service, public sector workforce

Asia (North) - Taiwan
Politics - Domestic

Public Policy - Economic
Public Policy - Employment
Phone 02 6125 2134 (work), 0410 966 719 (mobile)

Dr Robert Ward  »

ANU College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Science, Physics

Gravitational waves, Gravitational wave astronomy, gravitational wave detection.
Space debris, space debris mitigation, space environment preservation

Emeritus Professor John Warhurst  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Australian political parties, interest groups, elections, lobbying, religion and politics

Politics - Domestic
Phone 02 6125 3882 (work)

Dr Ashley Watson  »

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
Education, Medical & health science, Education

Infectious diseases, tropical diseases, HIV/AIDS, medical education

Public Policy - Education
Phone 02 6244 2105 (work)