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Kevin Boreham  »

ANU College of Law
Law, Civil, International

International law, international law of human rights, international humanitarian law, gay and lesbian rights.

Law - Civil
Law - International
Phone 02 6125 8526 (work), 0403 156 488 (mobile)

Associate Professor Justin Borevitz  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine

Plant Genomics and Phenomics for Climate Adaptation

Science - Biology

Phone 0424 151 280 (work)

Dr James Borger  »

ANU College of Science

Number theory, algebraic geometry

Dr Geoffrey Borny  »

Drama & theatre

Tennessee Williams, Anton Chekhov, William Shakespeare, Elizabethan and Jacobean acting and staging conventions, theatre directing and acting

Arts - Drama & Theatre
Phone N/A (work), 0429 372 191 (mobile)

Professor Roderick Boswell  »

ANU College of Science
Astronomy & astrophysics, Physics

Plasma processing, space plasma and space plasma propulsion and virtual reality

Science - Astronomy
Science - Physics
Phone 02 6125 3442 (work)

Dr Mike Bourke  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
South East Asia, Pacific, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, agriculture, PNG rural issues and development, poverty in PNG, Vanuatu land use and agriculture, international issues, Solomon Islands agriculture

Asia (South East)

Pacific - PNG
Phone 02 6125 4345 (work)

Professor Peter Bouwknegt  »

ANU College of Science
Mathematics, Physics

Mathematical Physics, Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, Particle Physics, Mathematics, Algebra, Differential Geometry, Topology

Science - Physics

Adjunct Professor Bob Bowker  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Africa, Middle East, Arab studies

Middle East (Egypt, Libya and Syria)

Middle East - Arab Studies
Phone 02 6125 8456 (work)

Associate Professor Cris Brack  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Forestry & agriculture, Environmental

Forest inventory, forest valuation, tree valuation, urban forestry, forest management, carbon accounting, National Carbon Accounting (NCAS)

Environment - Forestry
Public Policy - Environmental
Phone 02 6125 3535 (work)

Professor John Braithwaite  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Criminal, Foreign, International relations

Corporate crime, restorative justice, peacebuilding and transitional justice

Law - Criminal
Public Policy - Foreign
International Relations
Phone 02 6125 2332 (work)

Professor Valerie Braithwaite  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Regulation & compliance, community values

Public Policy - Social

Phone 02 6125 4601 (work)

Professor Geoffrey Brennan  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Economics, Philosophy, Politics

Economics and philosophy, rational actor, political theory, ethics and institutions

Phone 02 6125 3411 (work)

Professor Roderic Broadhurst  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

criminology, criminal justice, cybercrime, recidivism, organised crime

Law - Criminal
Phone 02 6125 4665 (work)

Professor Stefan Broer  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Medical & health science, Clinical health, Medical research, Medicine, Biology

Nutrition (particularly macronutrients), Genetic disorders, Digestive system, Cancer metabolism, Diabetes

Health - Clinical Health
Health - Medical Research
Science - Biology
Phone 02 6125 2540 (work)

Dr Adam Broinowski  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Nuclear issues (nuclear weapons, nuclear energy); Modern and Contemporary Japanese History, Culture and Society; History, Memory and Reconciliation; East Asia; International Politics; Film, Theatre, Dance

Asia (North) - Japan

Phone 02 6125 3185 (work), 0405 566 504

Dr Alison Broinowski  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Asia, International relations

International affairs, especially Asia, and UN. Asian-Australian interactions -political, economic, military, cultural, environmental, East Asian regionalism, Asian-Australian fiction, Iraq war inquiry, Wikileaks

International Relations

Phone 02 9332 3784 (work), 0422 608 580 (mobile)

Dr Nicholas Brown  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
History, International relations

Australian political, cultural and social history, biography, environmental history, social activism, international relations.

International Relations
Phone 02 6125 3052 (work)

Tim Brown  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Environmental science, Science

Long term environmental monitoring, plant growth, timelapse, ultra high resolution time-lapse imaging (, plant phenomics, NextGen ecological research, National Arboretum, UAVs and drones for research and monitoring, Virtual Realist for educations and Science, Oculus

Phone 0419 006 102 (work)

Dr Peter Brown  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
France, Languages & linguistics, Pacific

Translating and interpreting from or into French, French culture in the French-speaking world, France in the South Pacific particularly New Caledonia

Europe - France
Language & Linguistics

Phone 02 6125 2768 (work)

Emeritus Professor Chris Bryant  »

ANU College of Science
Science communication

Communicating science within the community

Science - Science Communication
Phone 02 6125 4815 (work)