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Dr Stuart Bedford  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Archaeology, Pacific, New Zealand

Vanuatu, Pacific archaeology general, Lapita, bislama speaker

Phone +61 2 6125 4297, 0451 070 344

Dr Alison Behie  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Environmental science, Biology

Primate conservation, primate behaviour, primate ecology, natural disasters

Science - Biology

Professor John Bekkers  »

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Medical & health science, Medicine

The brain and nervous system, particularly the sense of smell, neuroscience, olfaction, memory, epilepsy


Dr George Bell  »

ANU College of Business & Economics
Business management

Evaluation of government advertising; Consumer behaviour aspects of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles; Promotion of Medicare and Private Health Insurance; Climate change impacts on business and community resilience

Professor Peter Bellwood  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Archaeology, South East Asia, Indonesia, Languages & linguistics, Pacific

Archaeology, prehistory, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Indonesia, beginnings of agriculture, ancient migrations, language history

Archaeology & Anthropology
Asia (South East)
Asia (South East) - Indonesia
Language & Linguistics

Phone 02 6125 3120 (work)

Hamza Bendemra  »

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
Engineering, Information technology, Technology

Additive manufacturing, composite materials, automated manufacturing systems, aerospace manufacturing, airline industry, engineering education, humanitarian engineering


Phone 02 6125 4803 (work)

Professor Jeff Bennett  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Economics, Environmental, Biodiversity

Environmental and resource economics, agricultural economics, valuation of environmental impacts, environmental management particularly in developing countries

Economics - Environmental
Environment - Biodiversity
Phone 02 6125 0154 (work), 0419 232 250 (mobile)

Dr Samantha Bennett  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Popular music history, performance, production and reception; music technology; sound recording; recording techniques; recordists and record producers; recording workplaces and studios; audio engineering; music formats; digital music; music and media; popular and rock music history and cultural/ political context; punk, subculture, alternative, ‘underground’ and ‘Indie’ musics.

Arts - Music

Dr John Besemeres  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Europe, Russia, Politics, International, Terrorism

Eastern Europe, Russia

Europe - Russia
Politics - International
Phone 02 6125 6660 (work), 0413 186 337 (mobile)

Dr Sharon Bessell  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Gender, Social

Children's rights, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, child labour, child protection, children and social policy (especially in Southeast and Australia), children's and young people's participation and citizenship, gender and development

Public Policy - Social
Phone 02 6125 6562 (work)

Professor Mike Bessell  »

ANU College of Science
Astronomy & astrophysics, Physics

Stellar evolution, stellar atmospheres, CCD photometry, colour imaging

Science - Astronomy
Science - Physics
Phone 02 6125 0268 (work)

Dr Gemma Betros  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Europe, France, History

The French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte, gender, religion and politics in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century France, the history of convents and women religious (nuns)

Dr Geoff Bicknell  »

ANU College of Science
Astronomy & astrophysics

Active galaxies, jets, black holes, black hole feedback, high energy astrophysics, including X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy

Science - Astronomy

Dr Nicholas Biddle  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Economics, Employment & labour, Education, Indigenous studies, Public policy, Education, Social

Indigenous policy, official statistics, labour economics, economics of education

Economics - Employment/Labour


Public Policy - Education
Public Policy - Social
Phone 02 6125 8206 (work), 0466 841 595 (mobile)

Dr David Bissell  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Transport, cities, urbanisation, commuting, infrastructure, social dimensions of transport, travel behaviour, suburbia

Public Policy - Urban

Phone 02 6125 4209 (work), 0402 329 680 (mobile)

Dr Nematullah Bizhan  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Middle East, Afghanistan, Politics, International

Afghanistan, Middle East and Central Asia, Politics, Development, State Building, Post-conflict reconstruction and International Engagement.

Dr Boyd Blackwell  »

ANU College of Science
Energy, Physics

Plasma physics, nuclear fusion energy, power electronics

Environment - Energy
Science - Physics
Phone 02 6125 2482 (work)

Professor Andrew Blakers  »

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
Engineering, Energy

Solar cells, solar concentrating systems, sustainable energy

Environment - Energy

Dr John Blaxland  »

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
North America, Asia, South East Asia, Burma, Thailand, Defence, History, International relations, International

Public policy - intelligence, public policy - security, Australian military history and strategy, defence, international relations, South East Asia (Thailand, Myanmar / Burma, East Timor), North America (Canada), Australian Flag, Afghanistan and Iraq military operations

Americas - North America

Asia (South East)
Asia (South East) - Burma
Asia (South East) - Thailand

International Relations
Politics - International

Dr Katherine Bode  »

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Literature, History

Literature, book history, Australian literature, literature in Australia, digital humanities, quantitative methods in humanities research, gender studies

Arts - Literature

Phone 6125 7426 (work), 0412 412 759 (mobile)