Professor Eelco Rohling

ANU College of Science
Research School of Earth Sciences

climate and ocean change, sea level, past climate variations, climate sensitivity, monsoons, climate and archaeology

Environment - Climate Change

My news stories

Image: Les Haines, flickr.
23 January 2018

A new international study involving ANU has designed a new and simpler climate model that gives authorities a more precise picture of how humanity is tracking to avoid dangerous global warming...

Planktonic Foraminifera fossils, 0.3 mm across. Stuart Hay, ANU
9 February 2016

A huge reservoir of carbon developed in the deep Atlantic Ocean during the last ice age, research led by ANU Research School of Earth Sciences has found....

Gianluca Marino and Katharine Grant load a sediment core into an x-ray fluorescence scanner.
11 June 2015

An international team of scientists has found a dramatic ice sheet collapse at the end of the ice age before last caused widespread climate changes and led to a peak in the sea level well above...