What’s the latest with Bruce Hall and South Hall?

8 December 2017

Work on the new home for Bruce Hall residents and its new sister hall, known at this stage as South Hall, is on track to open to two communities of around 400 students in early 2019.

The structures are currently hidden behind a web of scaffolding and are overshadowed by two cranes.

Despite this, the construction crews are busily working away on the buildings, ensuring the comfortable new accommodation will open on time.

"These buildings will offer ANU students a world-class residential experience and help address the current shortages we have in on-campus accommodation," said Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt.

The two halls sit either side at the end of University Avenue. The design of each building means students who reside in them will have separate, private courtyards for social use. Each of the halls will also feature dormitory-style rooms, common rooms and communal dining halls.

Bruce Hall's new sister hall, known unofficially as South Hall until it is officially named, will be home to a completely separate residential college.

Once it's complete, the new Bruce Hall will also see the return of some treasured artworks and furniture from the old building, including the original high table, which will once again sit at the head of the new dining hall.

The artworks that were displayed on the walls of the old dining hall will also be reinstated in the new dining room, while Bruce Hall's iconic Flugelman Sculpture will also make a return to the new precinct after receiving a bit of a makeover.

Some of the original building's classic features are also being used in the construction of the new Bruce Hall. A number of salvaged floorboards will be used to construct a timber threshold while original bricks bearing the mural of Pamela Macfarlane's Uroboros will be built into one of the walls. The Uroboros design, known to Bruce Hall alumni, will also feature on glass doors throughout the Hall.

Head of Bruce Hall, Katie Boyd, says with the blending of old and new elements in the new building, it'll be exciting to see students continue the traditions of Bruce Hall.

"Given the new hall has been designed in consultation with students and many elements of the old hall have been preserved and will feature prominently in the new space, this will help see the traditions of Bruce carried over for many years to come," she said.