Update of progress against the AHRC recommendations

31 May 2018

The Australian National University has a long history of student activism raising awareness of sexual assault and harassment on campus, lobbying for change and advocating for survivors. The University also has a long history of academic research regarding the issues, eg. the Gender Institute, and bystander training and intervention programs in collaboration with external providers such as Canberra Rape Crisis Centre.

Below is a timeline of the progress the University has made against the recommendations made in the Australian Human Rights Commission's Change the Course Report, published in August 2017.

Please provide any feedback to either vc@anu.edu.au or pvc.ue@anu.edu.au.


Updated web resources - Commenced and ongoing


Community Standards and Student Code - Commenced

Cultural Change Strategy - Commenced

Audit of Counselling - Commenced

Review of residences - Commenced

Overarching SASH Policy- About to Commence