University launches ANU Springbank Circle bequest society

3 March 2015

Support also gives students inspiration and reinforces their pursuit of excellence.

More than 30 members of the new ANU Springbank Circle have attended a special launch of the society formed to honour those who make bequests to the University.

Chancellor Professor Gareth Evans AC QC,  the inaugural patron of the society, and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young AO, warmly welcomed the members to the Crawford School of Public Policy’s Springbank Room, speaking of the impact of their generosity in leaving financial gifts to the University.

“You are an important part of this University and an important part of the ANU community,” Professor Young said.

“After all you’re people who are very much prepared to give back to this incredible institution, and that’s what this ANU Springbank Circle is all about.”

The Springbank Society was established to allow the University to publicly recognise individuals who have confirmed their wishes to leave a gift to ANU, as stipulated in their will. Members may be staff, alumni or anyone with a desire to financially support ANU.

Professor Young said it was notable to commemorate the event, almost 20 years after the establishment of the ANU Endowment Fund.

“It’s supported scholarships, it’s supported contributions to critically important research activities and has done that now over many years.

“These sorts of philanthropic donations to the University are critically important in making this institution what it is.”

Head of the ANU School of Music Professor Peter Tregear said the impact of support given through bequests is not only financial.

“Support also gives students inspiration and reinforces their pursuit of excellence,” he said.

2013 recipient of the Dunbar Scholarship, Hannah Smith, told the group that receiving the scholarship had a big impact during her studies.

“Mostly what it meant for me was that I was able to focus on my academic work when I wanted to,” Hannah said.

“I didn’t have the need that a lot of my friends and classmates did to balance part time work with full time study.”

Hannah received up to $25,000 in accommodation, living and study expenses to help her during her honours year.

“I think that the biggest impact that the scholarship has had on me is it has inspired me to chase bigger dreams and have bolder ambitions for my future,” she said.

To make a donation to the University or to register your interest in leaving a gift to ANU in your will, visit the Giving page on the ANU website or call 02 6125 9945.