The moon explored at the ANU Mid-Autumn Festival

21 September 2014

More than 1,000 people celebrated Chinese culture at the 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival in Union Court on the night of Friday 5 September.

They enjoyed everything from floating lanterns, tea, traditional mooncakes, a variety of performances, moon gazing with a telescope and learning more of the myths and the origin of the festival.

“The crux of this festival is that the moon is at its roundest point of the year,” said co-organiser Eric Chan.

“Circles symbolise completeness in Chinese culture and is metaphorical for reuniting with family. The aim is share this celebration with everyone who is far from home.”

Organisers spent six months planning the celebration.

“ANU Mid-Autumn Festival is the first cultural event being done in this way and on this scale,” said co-organiser Arebelle Zhang.

“It was an unforgettable experience for many.”

This event was funded by ANU SEEF, ANUSA, UniLodge, and ANU College of Asia and Pacific.

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