Recycling initiatives on campus

4 September 2017

Did you know in 2016/17 ANU introduced smart bin sensors at all of the recycling stations on the campus? These bin sensors allow the University to cleverly manage garbage collection services by having bins emptied only when they reach a certain level of rubbish.

These new bin sensors have a flow-on impact to reducing carbon emissions by cutting back on the frequency of rubbish trucks coming onto campus, helping ANU to reach its carbon reduction targets.

What can be recycled?

Did you also know that, along with paper, cardboard, tins/cans, glass bottles and jars, you can also put the following items into recycling bins?

-pizza boxes,

-advertising material,

-egg cartons,


-take-away food containers and coffee cups.

What about recycling broken, old electronic devices?

Special recycling bins for old batteries, mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices are located in all campus libraries and the Anthony Low #124, CBE #26C, Jaeger 8#142 and JCSMR #131 buildings. For queries or further information on the service, email