Important changes to rules on paid outside work

23 March 2015

From 1 April 2015, the new Paid Outside Work (the 52 Day Rule) policy and procedure will come into effect, with a period of transition from the current policy for the remainder of 2015.

Paid Outside Work refers to consultancies, professional practice, company directorships and other paid roles. The ANU shorthand used is the ‘52 day rule’, based on the maximum number of days per year academic staff are permitted to engage in these activities.

Significant revisions to the policy and procedure have clarified the purpose of the 52 Day Rule and the documents have been shortened and simplified. The revised policy makes a clear distinction between private and university business; paid Outside Work (52 Day Rule) activities are private in nature. The implications of this distinction include:

·         Research projects are core business for the university and cannot be undertaken privately

·         Staff members are required to ensure the contracting party is aware that the activity is private, i.e. that the contracting party is not dealing with ANU

·         As a private activity, no university resources can be used in undertaking paid outside work

·         Private activities are not subject to the ANU policy on Costing and Pricing, and no funds will be receipted through ANU.

Further information on new policy including an FAQ is available on the Research Services website. For assistance or advice, please contact your local HR team or College Research Office.