Easter egg hunting with a twist

3 April 2014

Did you know that ANU has a campus organic garden?

In addition to growing delicious organic veggies and herbs (there is even a wood fired pizza oven) the garden is host to sustainable art projects all year long.

Easter is just around the corner, so it only makes sense that the garden is running an egg decorating project and Easter egg hunt, incorporating their very own chicken coop, happening this Saturday 5 April.

"The Easter egg decorating and hunt is a part of a year-long Sustainability Art Project which is run by ANU Creative Arts Community in collaboration with the Sustainability Learning community (SLC) and ANU SLC Organic Gardens," says Sarah McIntyre, ANU Creative Arts Learning Community Coordinator.

"The purpose of this year-long project is to promote environmental awareness and teach principles of sustainability through community-based arts projects. The infusion of arts and culture is used to further engage and educate community about sustainable values and behaviours. We plan to run one event the first Saturday of every month.

"As the gardens have an enclosed chicken coop, we thought it would be great idea to do an organic Easter egg hunt with a twist.

"There will be hollowed eggs and hard boiled eggs ready to be painted and we will have food dye as well as acrylic paints for the more ambitious.  We have also prepared paper basket kits so participants will be able to create and decorate their own basket. Once we are all 'armed' with baskets and decorating is finished, the egg hunt will start."

Following the festivities, the group will put their wood-fired pizza oven to good use, followed by desert in the shape of more standard chocolate egg fare.

Find out more about how to attend the event or check out the garden's Facebook page.