Bruce Hall residents ride for mental health awareness

21 September 2015

A team of 24 ANU students has put mental health awareness back in the spotlight after they rode from Dubbo to Canberra to raise funds for research.

The Protect Your Head campaign, designed to raise awareness of mental health in the ANU and wider Canberra community, saw the students ride across NSW and ACT over four days, riding an average of 150 kilometres per day. During their ride, the students stopped at Orange and Boorowa.

"Many Bruce Hall residents struggle to overcome matters related to stress and anxiety. For some, depression and other serious mental health concerns also cause great issues for them," said Jamon Shay, President of the Bruce Hall Residents Committee.

According to Beyond Blue, 45 per cent of Australians will experience some form of mental health issue in their lifetimes.

"This makes it incredibly likely that either you, or someone you know, will suffer from some form of mental health issue," Jamon said.

The campaign is a part of a broader mental health awareness campaign that will coincide with the ANU Day of Giving, which sees ANU hoping to raise $50,000 to go towards research at the National Institute of Mental Health Research.

More information can be found on the ANU Day of Giving page of the ANU website, or through the National Institute of Mental Health Research website.

For more information on the campaign or to follow the team's journey, head to the Protect Your Head Campaign 2015 Facebook page.