Australian Academy of Science honours ANU professors

18 November 2016

The Australian Academy of Science has honoured two ANU professors for their contributions to science.

Emeritus Professor Barry Ninham from the Research School of Physics and Engineering has been awarded the Academy's top honour, the Matthew Flinders Medal, for his work to clean up water supplies in the developing world.

Emeritus Professor Ross William Griffiths from the Research School of Earth Sciences was also honoured as the winner of the Academy's 2017 Jaeger Medal for his work in fluid dynamics.

Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Margaret Harding congratulated Professor Ninham and Professor Griffiths on their awards.

"The Academy of Science awards are wonderful and well-deserved recognition for Barry and Ross and the world-leading research they have done at ANU," Professor Harding said.

Professor Ninham's work on biological molecules has most recently led to a cheaper and more efficient method of water purification that has the potential to increase living standards for millions of people.

Professor Griffiths' research has influenced solid-earth geophysics through studies of convection in the Earth's solid mantle and its interactions with the Earth's surface, and provided dynamical insights in physical vulcanology through studies of cooling, solidifying lava flows.

"His contributions to oceanography, geophysics and geology have been made using careful theoretical and laboratory studies of the fluid dynamics and have involved collaboration across multiple disciplines," his Award citation said.